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Cataloging @ UWCSEA East: Library Policies

Overall policy decisions

Separate/merged records in Secondary and Primary.

Secondary Library

Library copies  (*S\ ) and department copies (SR\XXX) that have of the same record details (title and author) can be merged. The search results page will always display the information on the library copy (*S\) first. If the library copy is out, catalog will show the next copy available in the library. In May 2014, we also decided to merge High/Middle School class library books with library book records.


Primary Library

In Primary, library records and class library records can be merged.  The search result will only display the library records. This is to retain the ability to Hide the class library records from the younger children, as to prevent frustration when they search the library catalog. 


Using of the same title records for all Districts

Dover Libraries and East Libraries have decided to share one title record for a book of the same title and by the same author. Even if it is of different edition (ISBN), the copy will share the same title record. 

However, catalogers might want to take note of those books that are bring translated by different translators. An example, One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich. This is a classic book and are heavily used as a class textset. East library has three different versions of this title. In this case, it is best that catalogers add separate record titles for different translators. 

Call Number conventions

Secondary Library

  • Books with multiple authors and an editor; in the call number, use the first word of the title (but not A, An or The) . Do not use the last name of the editor.
  • For fiction books, use the last name of author. As for non fiction books, Dewey Decimal Classification followed by author's last name is used on the call no. Please see examples below. 


Non Fiction

*S\ Meyer

*S\ 001.32 Ford

*S\ Muchamore (CHE #10)

*S\POETRY 808.80 African

*SR\English Rowling (HAR #1)

*S\PLAYS 808.82 Theater

Primary Library

For Fiction books, we use the first three letter of the author surname as the call no.

As for non fiction books, Dewey Decimal Classification followed by author's last name is used on the call no.

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