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Evaluating websites: Why was the website created?

Tips and strategies to use when looking at how useful individual websites are for research purposes at UWCSEA.

Why was the website created or made?

Why was the website created or made?

Sometimes, people or organizations produce or develop websites because they feel strongly about something and want to tell people about what they think. This can be good, but it may be that the information on the website is not correct, but biased.

Here are some factors to help evaluate the extent of bias:

  • Does the website provide facts?
  • Does the website only give someone’s opinion or thoughts?
  • Is the information balanced? People have different opinions and thoughts and sometimes both can be right. If information on a website isn’t balanced, we say it is ‘biased’.
  • Is the website selling anything?
  • Does it have advertisements?
  • Does the website show good ethical standards in its use of information (i.e. academic honesty).