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Primary Library Highlights - January 2021: Home

This is a small selection of the books that have arrived in the library in December & January. The UWCSEA Community should login to Destiny to locate the books in the library and check availability.

Clicking the icons next to each title will take you to lists of books that are linked to the UWCSEA Learner Profile.

For complete lists of new arrivals check out the December - New Arrivals & the January - New Arrivals


A new publisher with some amazing picture books

Scroll down the page to see the titles about diversity, imagination and investigation. Be sure to check out the resources area of this website.

New Graphic Novels

When Stars are Scattered

Omar, lives in a refugee camp in Kenya.
Graphic novels G4+


Starting Middle School

Twins Maureen and Francine distinguish themselves for the first time by pursuing separate interests at the beginning of the sixth grade.

Logan likes Mary Anne!

Babysitters Club


The Phoenix Colossal Comics Collection : Race to Adventure.

This book contains the FUNNIEST, most EXCITING and INCREDIBLE comics EVER written (or so the publisher says)





Fancy Friends


New Graphic Novel for the under 8s