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Try to find as much information as possible for your citation, but don't worry if you can't. The imost mportant information that you will need to locate to complete your bibliography will be:

  • Name of the work
  • Author of the work
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication
  • Year of publication


Cover: This may be an abbreviated title                                                                                         Title page: Accurate information for title, author and publisher                                                  Verso: Detailed information about  date  of publication and place. You can also find the ISBN here.      
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The URL is located in the address bar of your browser

You will need to look around the website to find out if there is an author and a date. It may help to scroll to the bottom of the
page to find out who published the site and there may also be a date there.

Make sure that you include the date that you looked at the website in your citation



Find your article (choose full-text) and if you are going to use it - from here you can copy and paste the whole citation or parts of it into the citation tool that you are using.


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