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HS Research Hub: DIY

Coming soon....

This new High School Research Hub is being developed.  In the meantime, see the previous Research Hub.

On the East campus, also see the MS/HS Research Help page.

Research Needs

The DIY High School Research Hub

Digital Resources: Links / Logins / Passwords

Need a login or password for a database or subscription service?

See Reference Sites under Learning Links on the UWCSEA website.

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Also available via Google Docs:

Our Libraries


Catalogs:  Primary / Secondary

Kurt Wittig, Secondary Teacher-Librarian
Pam Males, Head of Libraries / Primary Teacher-Librarian


Catalogs:  Primary / Secondary

Katie Day, Head of Libraries / Secondary Teacher-Librarian
Barb Reid, Primary Teacher-Librarian


Need a login or password for a database or subscription service?  See Reference Sites under Learning Links on the UWCSEA website, which can be accessed directly via:   The same information is available via Google Docs:

  Search our library catalogs for books, ebooks, etc.

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