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G5: Following Characters into Meaning: Mentor Texts

Unit Summary

This unit will give students the skills and strategies needed to read fiction books well. Students will learn to read carefully to study and notice things about the main characters in their books, growing ideas about them from their actions, words, relationships and changes. Students will also learn how to share and expand their thinking through conversation with their partner. The essential skills of thinking while reading, using synthesis and inference to grow evidence-based theories, and determining themes within texts will help students traverse the rest of their reading year, even when the unit is officially over.

Mentor Texts for Teachers


Mentor Texts - teachers login to Destiny to locate these texts

I understand that...

Details within a text confirm or imply ideas.

Readers access and make meaning from the ideas and themes that are conveyed in stories.

Stories require character, setting and plot to show 'the time something happened'.

Different interpretations of a text can be justified and valid.

Fluent readers group words together to help them gain meaning from what they read

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