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Primary School Summer Reading: eBooks

Use this LibGuide for suggestions and recommendations of books to read over the holidays.


eBooks are available via the school catalogs.

Each eBook you borrow has a specific loan period and the book will automatically expire at the end of this time.

When you decide to read an eBook you will have to login to borrow the book.

Use your username (the letters and numbers of your email) to login and your own password.

To read books on myON use your username (the letters and numbers of your email) but remember we all have the same password.

FInd an eBook to read via the catalog

Step 1 visit the UWCSEA Dover Primary Catalog



Step 2 Search for eBooks

Step 3 Select your eBook and click on 'Open' 

Step 4 Follow the instructions. Sign in to 'borrow' the book and either 'read online' or download the book to a mobile device