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Recommendations for reading for students entering IBDP courses in August 2017. From UWCSEA High School departments: Introduction



Reading can be a pleasurable, relaxing pastime that allow us to immerse ourselves in worlds and ideas created by others. It can also support academic success and is excellent preparation for higher education.

The recommended reading lists on this site have been complied to help guide you towards books that you may find of interest. There is no expectation that you read them all! We hope, however, that if you are looking for a book to read for your chosen subjects that these suggestions will be of use.

Very best wishes

UWCSEA High School Teachers

Tabs on this Libguide provide recommendations for reading material for students who are about to enter the IB Diploma Programme at UWCSEA Dover Campus. There are tabs for:

  • Novels recommended by the HS English Department

  • Recommendations for reading for students of the Literature course and the Language and Literature course

  • Recommendations from Subject departments - from Art to TOK (Theory of Knowledge). 

  • Books that are available in the College Library are hyperinked (in blue).


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